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"La Belle Dame sans Merci"
Medium Date Framed Size Image Size
Oil Pastel/Ink 1982 14-1/2"H x 12-1/2"W 6-5/8"H x 4-3/4"W
Originally written by a French monk in the 12th century, “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” was later adapted by the English romantic poet John Keats. Susan’s depiction of the poem masterfully captures the drama, meaning and emotion of Keats’ great work. A reading of the poem will move you more deeply into an intimate and perceptive connection with this wonderful work of art. Filled with detail usually only found in Susan’s later and larger pieces.

This original work has been re-framed with an antiqued silver frame, archival triple matted with suede top mat, archival backer board & materials and re-glazed with museum conservation clear, Tru-Vue, UV protective glass. Signed by Susan Seddon-Boulet bottom center. Dated 1982.

Opening Offer: $2,100 USD Current High Offer: $4,250 USD High Bidder: se*****om
Sunday, November 01, 20207:56:46 PM$4,250.00se****om
Saturday, October 31, 20204:35:06 PM$4,200.00ho****81
Saturday, October 31, 20204:11:55 PM$4,100.00dl****20
Saturday, October 31, 20204:34:34 PM$4,100.00ho****81
Saturday, October 31, 20204:34:24 PM$4,050.00Dl****20
Saturday, October 31, 20204:34:24 PM$4,000.00ho****81
Saturday, October 31, 20204:33:29 PM$3,950.00Dl****20
Saturday, October 31, 20204:33:29 PM$3,900.00ho****81
Saturday, October 31, 20204:33:14 PM$3,850.00Dl****20
Saturday, October 31, 20204:33:14 PM$3,800.00ho****81
Saturday, October 31, 20204:32:47 PM$3,650.00Dl****20
Saturday, October 31, 20204:32:47 PM$3,600.00ho****81
Thursday, October 29, 20209:50:26 AM$3,500.00ho****81
Thursday, October 29, 20207:58:39 AM$3,150.00se****om
Thursday, October 29, 20209:49:45 AM$3,100.00se****om
Thursday, October 29, 20209:49:45 AM$3,050.00ho****81
Thursday, October 29, 20209:46:54 AM$3,000.00se****om
Thursday, October 29, 20209:46:54 AM$2,950.00ho****om
Thursday, October 29, 20209:46:21 AM$2,900.00se****om
Thursday, October 29, 20209:46:21 AM$2,850.00ho****om
Thursday, October 29, 20209:45:23 AM$2,800.00se****om
Thursday, October 29, 20209:45:23 AM$2,750.00ho****om
Wednesday, October 14, 20203:40:34 PM$2,650.00ho****81
Wednesday, October 14, 20203:40:13 PM$2,600.00dl****20
Monday, October 12, 20207:45:17 PM$2,600.00dl****20
Wednesday, October 14, 20203:40:13 PM$2,550.00ho****81
Monday, October 12, 20207:45:17 PM$2,450.00ho****81
Thursday, October 01, 202011:22:29 AM$2,100.00ho****81

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