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"Green Man"
Medium Date Framed Size Image Size
Oil Pastel/Ink 1974 25-3/4"H x 20-3/4"W 16-3/8"H x 11-1/2"W
From Michael Babcock, “When Susan was fifteen, her father purchased land near Goiâs, Brazil, a seven hour trip by road, into the country’s interior. Susan once talked about how they would see Jaguar prints by the outhouse. “It was a very interesting place, living on the edge of civilization but also on the edge of the natural beauty of Brazil where there were all sorts of things.”

I believe this depiction of the Green Man, a legendary being and a symbol of rebirth and regeneration, expresses her love of nature and wild things, long nurtured within her from childhood. Here it is unclear where the Green Man begins and ends, he is so blended into nature with its’ trees, foliage and animals. This piece will repay careful viewing as now and then again another detail pops out, another animal demands attention.”

A rabbit sits comfortably in Green Man’s hand, while a squirrel, birds and other hints of animal images live within the complex coloring and etched leaves of his clothing and trees.

This original work has been re-framed with an antiqued, custom wood frame. Archival triple-matted with a suede top mat. Acid-free materials throughout and re-glazed with Museum conservation, Tru-Vue, UV protective glass. Signed by Susan Seddon-Boulet lower-center. Dated 74.

Opening Offer: $3,000 USD Current High Offer: $5,050 USD High Bidder: ra*****27
Tuesday, May 31, 20222:23:22 PM$5,000.0061****47
Wednesday, June 01, 202212:47:57 AM$3,500.0061****47
Wednesday, June 01, 202212:47:57 AM$3,450.00ew****73
Wednesday, June 01, 202212:46:40 AM$3,400.0061****47
Wednesday, June 01, 202212:46:40 AM$3,350.00ew****73
Wednesday, June 01, 202212:40:58 AM$3,300.0061****47
Wednesday, June 01, 202212:40:58 AM$3,250.00ew****73
Wednesday, June 01, 202212:39:47 AM$3,200.0061****47
Wednesday, June 01, 202212:39:47 AM$3,150.00ew****73
Wednesday, June 01, 202212:39:16 AM$3,100.0061****47
Wednesday, June 01, 202212:39:16 AM$3,050.00ew****73

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